Eric Russo
Executive Director

Message from the Director

From the time I was a young child, I have always enjoyed our hillsides. Whether it was feeling their imposing grandeur as they tower over the Ohio River and downtown basin, or taking in distant views from their commanding overlooks, I believe the hillsides are a dramatic part of our landscape. It is my sincere pleasure to serve an organization like The Hillside Trust that advocates the thoughtful use and preservation of this wonderful natural feature.

Share your stories about the hillside overlooks with us.

Tips for Dealing with Slips

Here are some tips when it comes to dealing with slope failures. If you have experienced a landslide that has impacted your residence or some other building, or if you believe it is about to, then call a geo-technical engineer or a structural engineer right away. If a slide is not impacting (or is not […]

The Relationship Between Yard Waste and Landslides

It is often easy to dismiss the impact of dumping yard waste over a hillside. Surely grass clippings, leaves, and branches aren’t that heavy, right?  Actually, the truth is that they are a problem. Over time, these piles accumulate water which adds substantial weight. Repeatedly adding more waste to these piles can cause enough weight […]

Public View Overlay Ordinance Vote delayed…

Cincinnati City Council’s Committee on Livable Communities decided on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 to delay a vote on the pending Public View Overlay Ordinance.  Citing concerns and confusion about the language and reach of the Ordinance, voiced by several developers and property owners, the Committee requested that the City Planning Department address these issues so that a more informed […]

Cincinnati’s overlook views…

Great article about The Hillside Trust’s new brochures.

A quote from Cincinnati Parks Director…

Willie F. Carden, Jr., Director of Cincinnati Parks, stated that, “The Cincinnati Park Board is greatly appreciative of the partnership that has developed with the Hillside Trust. The Hillside Trust’s advocacy for the preservation of the views and overlooks throughout Cincinnati Parks, and the entire region, cannot be matched. Their new brochure on the Overlooks […]

Take a fresh look at Cincinnati’s spectacular overlooks

Go to “Visit Our Overlooks” and read the stories, myths and mysteries of our hillside overlooks in the downloadable  brochures.  Do you have a favorite? Share it with us.

Landslides: The Human Factor

Human alteration of the landscape was a contributing factor in many of the landslide incidents this year. Inappropriate cutting and filling of slopes, insufficient or ineffective routing of storm water, and poorly executed design exacerbated an already problematic situation. This underscores the fact that it costs considerably more to fix a landslide, than it costs […]

East Price Hill’s Landslide…

East Price Hill’s landslide in May affected the backyards, patios, and decks of 7 condominiums whose building foundations are literally 12-15 feet from the edge of the hillside. It occurred just below a concrete curb and fence at the edge and boundary limits of the backyard. The wall isn’t a retaining device, so there is […]

North Avondale Home Landslide…

A landslide in North Avondale dropped down 5-10 feet, stretching across 3 backyards and pushing into adjoining neighbors’ homes. An investigation revealed that the previous owner’s architect and engineer added onto the house and didn’t properly direct storm water away from the edge of the hill. There is also the possibility that the backyard was […]

The Personal Downside to Landslides

With almost as much rainfall in April, May and June of 2011, as this region receives in an entire year, many hillsides have been affected by landslides. The damages to private properties are perhaps the most complicated to address. Landslides in places like East Price Hill, Northside, Mt. Auburn, North Avondale, and East Walnut Hills […]

Hillside Trust refutes developer’s view of ordinance

Per Gary Osterfeld’s comments in the August 1st issue of the Enquirer, “Views up for debate” I have this rebuttal.  Mr. Osterfeld contends that had the view corridor ordinance been in place, he would not have been able to build his leed-designed, energy-efficient homes as part of the Cottage Hill development in Columbia Tusculum.  This simply is […]

Views up for debate

In this hillside slide-prone area, more prevention needed

Elberon Avenue Mudslide Video

  Mudslide caught on tape Watch part of the hillside on Elberon Avenue in action as it falls, and hear landslide expert Brenda Hunda explain why Cincinnati is famous for landslides in North America. Producer: Carrie Cochran. Originally featured at

Public View Ordinance

Cincinnati is blessed with spectacular public overlooks, many of which were established generations ago by forward-thinking civic leaders. The Hillside Trust is devoting the majority of its efforts this year towards adopting a measure called the Public View Overlay Ordinance that would preserve the scenic quality of 50 overlooks throughout the City. What is your […]