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Bellevue Park Overlook

Bellevue Park Overlook

Looking more like a landing pad for George Jetson’s flying saucer, this free-form circular dome and its candy cane-like pillars was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. Built in 1955, it was a great outdoor dancing area with a bandstand.

Located near the end of Ohio Avenue, the park overlook possesses a commanding city view, and is a favorite destination spot. Park amenities include a contemporary shelter building, picnic areas, restrooms, a ball field, and play equipment.

Bellevue Park Overlook

Eden Park – Twin Lakes

Capitaline Wolf Bronze Sculpture
The Legend of Romulus & Remus

Abandoned on the flooded banks of the Tiber River by a cruel uncle, twin infants Romulus and Remus were left to starvation until a mother wolf, whose cubs had died, nursed them. A shepherd and his wife raised them until adulthood, when they discovered their heritage and took their rightful place with their grandfather back on the throne. The City of Rome was named for Romulus.A bronze replica of the ancient Etruscan bronze statue that sits on the Capitoline Hill in Rome was an official gift to Cincinnati. In 1931, while Benito Mussolini was still in power, the gift was arranged by Cincinnati’s Order of Sons of Italy to honor the great Roman general Cincinnatus.

View from Eden Park - Twin Lakes

Mount Echo Park

Its entrance welcomes visitors with a massive and unique retaining wall reminiscent of a castle fortification. The park also possesses ornate iron fences, comfort stations, a grand pavillion, a spectacular overlook platform, and hiking trails. There’s plenty of green space and shady areas to enjoy a perfect lazy afternoon.

In 1986, the overlook was completely remodeled because of a gradual slippage of the hillside. New walkways, benches, grills, restroom facilities, a ballpark diamond, and tennis courts were added and designed for recreation.

View from Mt. Echo Park