As part of its mission, The Hillside Trust engages in land conservation.  Since acquiring its first property in 1984, the Trust has preserved over 1370 acres of hillside lands in Hamilton, Clermont and Boone Counties.  It has accomplished this through the generosity of private land owners who love their land want to see it preserved for all time by donating it to The Hillside Trust .

The Hillside Trust accepts lands in one of two ways. One way is to donate property in fee simple.  The donor transfers the deed of their property to a non-profit like The Hillside Trust.  The appraised value of the property can be taken as a one-time tax deduction by the donor.  The other way is to donate a conservation easement.  This allows the property owner to retain title to the property, while permanently extinguishing all development rights on it.  The donor has multiple years in which to earn a tax deduction for their contribution.  For more information about donating lands contact The Hillside Trust.

For more information about individual properties The Hillside Trust has preserved, please click on the index below.

Individual Properties