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Policy Making Assistance for Governments

Highly regarded for our professional and extensive knowledge about the region’s hillsides, The Hillside Trust consults with various municipalities and government planning commissions on land use regulations that pertain to hillside development and preservation.  This includes, but is not limited to:


  • Involvement in long-range design, land use, and committee chairs for the City of Cincinnati and the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission.
  • Professional standing since 1995 with the City of Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. Regional Planning, and the Planning and Development Services of Northern Kentucky to review hillside developments for their geo-technical appropriateness.
  • Being instrumental in passing a landmark cut and fill ordinance for Hamilton County in 1989, requiring all hillside developments to install erosion control measures that protect de-forested slopes from sliding and eroding.
  • Being a key stakeholder in the Planning and Development Services of Northern Kentucky’s HILLS Project to guide and direct hillside growth and preservation over the next 20 years.
  • Promoting and publicizing Cincinnati’s spectacular public overlooks.
  • Taking the lead overseeing a landmark view protection ordinance for the City of Cincinnati that would protect its most outstanding public views.

“From the time I was a young child, I have always enjoyed our hillsides. Whether it was feeling their imposing grandeur as they tower over the Ohio River and downtown basin, or taking in distant views from their commanding overlooks, I believe the hillsides are a dramatic part of our landscape. It is my sincere pleasure to serve an organization like The Hillside Trust that advocates the thoughtful use and preservation of this wonderful natural feature.”

Eric Russo

Executive Director, The Hillside Trust

Clearinghouse for Homeowners and Businesses

The Hillside Trust provides a wealth of knowledge regionally about landslide issues, such as:

  • Fielding scores of phone calls from hillside homeowners when a landslide has damaged their home, property, and/or business, and providing a checklist of professionals to contact and steps to take to help address the situation.
  • Retaining an archive of hillside development reviews numbering over 350 that it has conducted since 1990.
  • Assisting residents affected by landslides with archived information pertaining to its review of their development for legal purposes, where available.
  • Being the only resource available in the region for this kind of information and knowledge.

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Land Conservation

The Hillside Trust engages in land conservation on behalf of private landowners who want to see their land preserved and protected for present and future generations to enjoy.

  • Over 1377 acres have been preserved since 1984.

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