The Hillside Trust’s Spring 2020 Outlook

The Spring 2020 Edition of Outlook is here. Topics in this issue include: Restoration Begins on Reemelin Road Acquisition Date Set for First Annual Pope Coleman Awards Columbia Parkway Update Spotlight on Quarry Street Preserve Click here to download the Spring 2020...

Reemelin Road

Location: Reemelin Rd in Green Township Size: 13.1 acres Acquired: 2019 in fee simple by way of grant from the Clean Ohio Fund Features:  Former pasture land that is a remnant green space in a fast developing suburb.

Tips for Dealing with Slips

Here are some tips when it comes to dealing with slope failures. If you have experienced a landslide that has impacted your residence or some other building, or if you believe it is about to, then call a geo-technical engineer or a structural engineer right away. If a...

The Relationship Between Yard Waste and Landslides

It is often easy to dismiss the impact of dumping yard waste over a hillside. Surely grass clippings, leaves, and branches aren’t that heavy, right?  Actually, the truth is that they are a problem. Over time, these piles accumulate water which adds substantial...

McGuire Easement

Location: Grandin Rd – Hyde Park Cincinnati, OH Size: 2.46 acres Acquired: 2007 Features: this easement prevented large scale hillside development from migrating towards Golden Ave.