Location: Hebron, KY
Size: 1,070 acres
Features: Wooded hillsides and rich bottomland

The Crisler Easement is the largest of The Hillside Trust’s protected lands. In 2014, the Trust acquired the 950 acre easement from Richard Crisler, a descendant of Cave Johnson who received the land as part of a 6,000 acre land grant following the Revolutionary War. Much of the original estate was sold off through successive generations. Mr. Crisler has been dedicated to buying up pieces of the original land grant and protecting it in perpetuity. In 2017, he added 30-acre and 90-acre parcels to the 950-acre easement, bringing the total acreage of land protected under this easement to 1,070. The additional acreage consists of rich bottom lands, which are still being farmed, and steep banks overlooking the Ohio River. One of the parcels possesses a brick farmhouse dating back to the early 1800s that Mr. Crisler is re-roofing and boarding up to stand as a historic relic of its era. A barge rammed the structure during the infamous 1937 Flood. A portion of the structure had to be rebuilt with cinder block to maintain its structural integrity. The Cincinnati Preservation Association may hold a historic easement on this structure. More details can be found in the Autumn 2017 Outlook.

Aerial west view over Sector 2 cropped

Sector 1 east of KY 237

Aerial south view over Sector 4