It is often easy to dismiss the impact of dumping yard waste over a hillside. Surely grass clippings, leaves, and branches aren’t that heavy, right?  Actually, the truth is that they are a problem.

Over time, these piles accumulate water which adds substantial weight. Repeatedly adding more waste to these piles can cause enough weight can amass to trigger a slope failure.

In the Village of Mariemont, this phenomenon was recognized and addressed on Miami Bluff Avenue.  Several significant slope failures along this hillside caught the attention of government officials who took action.  An ordinance was passed around 2011 prohibiting any dumping, including yard waste, along this sensitive hillside. 

Yard Waste and Landslides in Cincinnati

If you own hillside property, it is wise to find more appropriate areas to dump yard waste. If you utilize the services of a lawn service or landscaping company, inform them of the detriments of dumping yard waste over a hillside as well.