Here are some tips when it comes to dealing with slope failures.

  1. If you have experienced a landslide that has impacted your residence or some other building, or if you believe it is about to, then call a geo-technical engineer or a structural engineer right away.
  2. If a slide is not impacting (or is not about to impact) a built structure, it is best to leave it alone.
    • do not fill it with dirt, gravel, yard waste or any other type of material of  any kind.
    • it is okay to place a small amount of topsoil in the slip area and replant it with perennial vegetation such as ivy, grasses and small plants. Allow it time to grow up.
  3. Do not allow a contractor to talk you into building a retaining wall or any other hardscape in the slide are, unless you have had a structural engineer or a geo-technical engineer inspect the sight and provide engineered plans.
  4. Make sure to channel water and any type of runoff away from the slide area. This includes downspouts and impervious surfaces such as driveways or patios that may drain in the this direction.